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3rd Annual Awards Gala


to all of the 2021 Awards of Excellence Winners.
This year, NMBA celebrated 175 loan originators with over $7.3 billion of total volume in 2021.

The Awards of Excellence event takes place in the first quarter of each year and allows NMBA to recognize members who have demonstrated excellent performance during the prior year while also participating in NMBA events throughout the year.

Award Nominations are generally accepted immediately following the close of each year in order to ensure that all performance information is available for evaluation.


Specialty Awards of the Year

Lifetime Achievement

Stephen Smith.jpeg

Stephen Smith, CMB, AMP

Top Producer

Michael Smalling - Steadfast Mortgage.jpg

Michael Smalling
Steadfast Mortgage

Community Lender

Community Lender - Belinda Arender.jpg

Belinda Arender
First Horizon

Diamond Award

Heath Albritton - Renasant Bank 
Belinda Arender - First Horizon 
Brandon Burks - FirstBank  
Jennie Butler - FirstBank  
Harlan Holmes - Capstar Bank 
Lottie McCormick - Steadfast Mortgage 
Michael Ribas - First Horizon 
Jon Sidwell - Capstar Bank 
Michael Smalling - Steadfast Mortgage 
Billy Winfree - Steadfast Mortgage

Platinum Award

Michael Abbott - Movement Mortgage, LLC 
Mina Agaiby - U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 
Heather  Anderson - Capstar Bank 
Julie Arnold - Highlands Residential Mortgage 
Monty Austell - Capstar Bank 
Martin Bennett - FirstBank  
Dave Bouvier - FirstBank  
Taylor Bowers - Steadfast Mortgage 
Stuart Clamp - Truist 
Trevor Cobb - Highlands Residential Mortgage 
Michael Dorris - FirstBank  
TJ Dyer - BancorpSouth Mortgage 
Cody Eaton - Rural 1st 
Connie Eddy - Steadfast Mortgage 
Lane  Gerhardt - FirstBank 
Alene Gnyp - Synovus Bank 
Elisa Goodrich - Capstar Bank 
Owen Group - Regions  
Billy Harter - First Community Mortgage 
Jason Kaplan - First Community Mortgage 
Brandon  Keane - Studio Bank 

Kevin Little - Regions  
Bo Lucas - First Horizon 
Angela Martin - Movement Mortgage, LLC 
Chad McGee - Regions  
Brian  McGuinness - New American Funding 
Phil Miller - Mortgage Investors Group 
Luke  Nowlin - Capstar Bank 
Eric Parks - Steadfast Mortgage 
John Phillips - FirstBank 
Christian Poling - Steadfast Mortgage 
Billy Pritchett - Capstar Bank 
Claudia Rios - First Community Mortgage 
Mark Rood - LoanDepot 
Matthew Siket - U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 
Jamie Steelman - First Horizon 
Jake  Stribling - Guaranty Home Mortgage 
Li Sullivan - Capstar Bank 
Jonathan Troutt - Steadfast Mortgage 
Jeff  Tucker, CMB - Studio Bank 
Haley Underwood - FirstBank 
Julia Wilson - FirstBank 

Gold Award

Bryan Nale - First Horizon 
Andrew Peck - Regions 
Andrew Podojil - First Community Mortgage 
David Prince - First Community Mortgage 
Charles Rice - FirstBank 
Amy Rickman - Movement Mortgage, LLC 
Stephen Roadman - FirstBank 
Brian Roberson - FirstBank 
Carrie Sanders - First Community Mortgage 
Chris Sanders - LoanDepot 
Blake Scurlock - Movement Mortgage, LLC 
Trisha Shoulders - U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 
Brian  Smith - Mortgage Investors Group 
Rob Smith - Mortgage Investors Group 
Sterling Smith - First Community Mortgage 
Frank Spitznagel - InterLinc Mortgage Services 
Brad Spurgeon - First Horizon 
Cheryl Taylor - Truist 
Ellie Teed - Regions  
Bob Ward - Renasant Bank 
Todd  Wiggins - FirstBank 
Michael Wilson - FirstBank 
Nathan Wilson - Regions  
Julie Wood - loanDepot 
Dave Woody - Fifth Third Bank 
Tiffany Searcy Wright, AMP - FirstBank 
Adel Zakher - First Community Mortgage 

April Barnes - Highlands Residential Mortgage 
Caleb Barrett - First Horizon 
Frank Becker - First Community Mortgage 
Chase Brannon - Steadfast Mortgage 
Donna Brooks - Mortgage Investors Group 
William Burke - FirstBank  
Brandon Carter - Steadfast Mortgage 
Kelly Delaney - Capstar Bank 
Kathleen  Eckhart - Bond Mortgage, LLC 
Melissa Finnell - Truist 
Rory Ford - Movement Mortgage, LLC 
Justin Frizzell - First Horizon 
Tad Glenn - Movement Mortgage, LLC 
Jenny Haines - Movement Mortgage, LLC 
Chris Heyer - Movement Mortgage, LLC 
Irina  Hines - loanDepot 
Jennifer  Houston - Synovus Bank 
Zack Jones - LoanDepot 
NIck Kovar - Capstar Bank 
Justin  Lee - New American Funding 
Melissa Luman-Phillips - Highlands Residential Mortgage 
Justin Lusk - New American Funding 
Mary Malak - FirstBank 
Bobby  Matthews, Jr.  - FirstBank 
Rhonda McCrary - First Horizon 
Joseph A McNamee - First Community Mortgage 
Chris Meagher - First Community Mortgage 

Silver Award

Heather Allen - U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 
Chad Anderson - loanDepot 
JB Bancroft - LoanDepot 
Tim Beal - FirstBank  
Amy Bennett - Movement Mortgage, LLC 
Jason Black - FirstBank  
Michael  Boatright - SeaTrust Mortgage 
Charles  Carey - U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 
Sherri Carter - Regions 
Kelly Cearing - First Community Mortgage 
Teresa Cepicky - FirstBank  
Shannon Coates - Regions 
Carolyn Cole - Highlands Residential Mortgage 
Steve Cooke - LoanDepot 
Ethan Cooper - Regions  
Nancy Dugger - Capstar Bank 
Callye Fenn - FirstBank  
Dominic Figlio - SeaTrust Mortgage 
Steve Goodin - First Horizon 
Jim  Goza - InterLinc Mortgage Services 
Tony Grubbs - BancorpSouth Mortgage 
Justin Harris - U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 
Sam Hawkins - Mortgage Investors Group 
Kandy Heneger - First Horizon 
Preston Hice - Highlands Residential Mortgage 
Tonya Hinesley - FirstBank 
Mark  Hood - Truist 
Susan Hufford - Regions  
Stuart Johnson - Capstar Bank 
Austin Kemp - First Horizon 
Chuck Klumb - FirstBank 
Patrick Lanahan - First Horizon 
Greg  Latto - U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 
Leslie Light-Thomas - Highlands Residential Mortgage 

Rick Lott - FirstBank 
Allison Mallett - Regions 
George Margrave - Mortgage Investors Group 
Dennie Marshall - Regions 
Philip  May - Studio Bank 
Kent McMillin - Capstar Bank 
Mike Means - Mortgage Investors Group 
Kyle Mingo - Regions  
Jason  Moss - Truist 
Mike Muniz - FirstBank 
Jennifer Otto - First Horizon 
Jan Peace - Capstar Bank 
David Perkins - Studio Bank 
Julie Rainey - Mortgage Investors Group 
Brenda Roetger - First Horizon 
Wil Ruiz - U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 
Shari Saba - Mortgage Investors Group 
Charles Schubert - U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 
Barbara Shannon - U.S. Bank Home Mortgage 
Mitra Sharifi - FirstBank 
David Thompson - FirstBank 
Dennis  Tulpa - Studio Bank 
Donnie VanHooser - Highlands Residential Mortgage 
Halston  Warren - New American Funding 
Nathan Weathersby - loanDepot 
Kelly  Webb - InterLinc Mortgage Services 
Matt  Wilson - New American Funding 
Kevin Wisdom - Mortgage Investors Group 
Ted Witkus - Renasant Bank 
Weston Wood - FirstBank 
Greg Wright - Regions  
Jan Young - Regions  
Phillip  Zeringue - Guaranty Home Mortgage 
Steve Zongor - Regions 

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